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The Sheriff's office was established with the goal to create a police force to lead the way in professionalism and create advancements in law enforcement. The Sheriff's Office prides itself on the quality training, our policies and procedures, and the opportunity's we offer our deputies that cannot be matched by any other department! Are you are willing to accept this challenge and join the most proactive and progressive department this state has to offer?

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Career Opportunities

The Sheriff's Office believes in empowering our deputies to learn new skills and grow their roleplay experience in multiple different fields. The Sheriff's Office, unlike other departments, allows its members to active specialized units without needing to be a part of subdivisions. 

These certifications are:

Advanced Law Enforcment Training Academy:

Prisoner Transport Unit

Allows deputies to safely and effectively transport arrestees using our specialized priosner transport van. PTU units assist law enforcement personnel within the county in the safe transportation of arrestees to detention centers and specialize in the booking process.

Maritime Unit:

Deputies who pass this course will gain access to multiple different types of boats and will be able to active and patrol as maritime units while in server and patrol the waterways as a maritime deputy.

Animal Control:

Deputies will be able to activate our specialized Animal control F-150 and respond to animal calls to help deal with lose and aggressive animals. 

D.U.I Task Force

Deputies who pass this certification will now be able to active as DUI Task Force and conduct operations and DUI checkpoints, field sobriety testing and portable breathier testing to help keep our streets safe.

Subdivision Opportunities:

The Sheriff's Office has multiple different subdivisions that our members can apply to. Here deputes will learn specialized skills to become an effective member of our elite teams.

Special Response Unit

Warrant Services

High Crime Area Patrol

Tactical Advisors

High Risk Operations

Dangerous Subject Apprehension

Special Intelligence Division


Street Crimes 

Auto Theft Task force

Cyber Crimes

Air Support Division

Patrol Operations

Drone Operators

Search and Rescue

Tactical Operations

Event Response Group

Civil Unrest

Riot Control

Crowd Managment

Motor Bike Unit

VIP / Convoy Escorting

The Sheriff's Office is now accepting applications! Join us today to become a proactive law enforcement officer within your community!

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