Now Hiring:

Full Time Positions

Chain Of Command Positions (Lateral Transfer Program)

Subdivision Leadership Positions (Lateral Transfer Program)

Sheriff's Office Membership Requirements:

Must have a working copy of GTA 5

Must be 17 years or older

Must have a working microphone

Must speak English

Must complete the membership application

Must be in depth and detailed answers (4-6 sentence response)

Must contain proper grammar and punctuation

Becoming A Member!

The Sheriff's Office takes pride in its members and only accepts members into the department that show the desire to be a member! The application process followed by the on-boarding and training is designed to pick the best and brightest and turn them into well respected and well-trained law enforcement officers

Step 1:

Filling out the membership application. All members of the department are required to fill out the membership application. Here are where recruits can start executing the motto of policing excellence!

Step 2:

After the membership application has been filled out and submitted a member of the Chain of Command will review it. The COC member will then DM the applicant over discord with a stamp that will give the results of the application along with further steps

Step 3:

On-boarding. If sent the accepted stamp, an on-boarding document will be sent to you. Here recruits will learn more about further steps, required actions to take, and receive their roles!

Step 4:

Training. Once recruits are on-boarded they will complete the law enforcement basic training academy. Once completed the recruits will be promoted to probationary deputy and begin the ride along phase!

Lateral Transfer Application:


The lateral transfer program is designed to bring members into the Sheriff's Office that possess unique skill sets such as IRL knowledge and experience or experience from a previous whitelisted community into higher positions of the department.

Who can apply?
Any whitelisted member of Back Roads Roleplay community that
is a current member of a BRP Law Enforcment Agency. Once a member has successfully completed a Law Enforcment Agency's application and training process, they may apply for the lateral transfer program.

What are the steps to be selected?

1) Become a whitelisted member within a Law Enforcment Agency

2) Complete the lateral transfer application

2) Complete a COC verbal interview